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Exam- Prep Courses

You don’t have to study on your own. It is advantageous to join a community of learners if the content is new to you. Even if you are experience it may be a time saving to review the courses material in a focused manner. These exam prep courses will be based on the exam curriculum they are not a gaurantee that the attendees will pass the exam.  

Career Guidance

Quality can appear to to the uninitiated as a theoretical discipline. Often times the clinical relevance of ‘quality rountines’ may be under valued. CertQual is unique in offering a 90 day advisory service to canditates who qualify. CertQual does not how ever make any commitments in ensuring job offers.  


International certification exams currently available unfortunately add an extra layer of complexity by suggesting premium resources. We wish to maximise access to quality and thus offer exam preparation resources that are affordable .