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We work closely with you to understand and identify your career goals that can be converted into an actionable plan. We have customised an induction pathway for beginners and an enrichment pathway for working professionals.

Consolidate Experience.

Our certification is a significant milestone in your quality journey. However, professional development requires a framework for lifelong-learning from experience. We will travel with you in the pursuit of everyday excellence.

Show case Expertise.

Leadership is intrinsic to quality progress. The outlines of the discipline of healthcare quality have concretised. The critical-path for career progress is still not well defined. Healthcare quality professionals access to executive positions requires demonstrating your professional value .

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CQA certification is not mandatory, but we are here to make a difference. The CertQual difference : Training is not enough. Courses will help you learn, grow, and build your skills (training) — you'll get better at what you do! Certification will authenticate and validate your skills (credentials) — you'll get recognized for what you do! However, we offer both courses and certification to cater to professionals in different stages of their career. If you are a beginner, then you may benefit by attending our Exam Prep courses. If you are already experienced, you can bypass taking a course and apply for certification through our Self-Study program.

Why a career in HEALTHCARE QUALITY ?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a robust Job Outlook in this field. Employment of medical and health services managers working in quality management that have completed a degree program is projected to grow a whopping 32 percent between 2020 and 2030, which is much faster than average for all occupations. There is a huge demand-supply mismatch especially when it comes to India.

GOI initiatives in form of KayaKalp program, Ayushman Bharat, Mission Laqshya have made the role of Quality managers quite important within the government setups.

The implementation of Quality standards such as NABH, JCI, and NQAS are making it even more demanding with much stronger growth in the near future.

Unique responsibilities of Quality Professionals :


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Certqual team has cracked the code of healthcare quality. This is the only certification in the world to focus on the Healthcare Supply Chain. A perfect lesson other certification bodies failed to learn from the pandemic.
Priscila Markus
CertQual has provided a perfect balance between theory and practice of quality. Its quality informatics The CQA curriculum is unique in integrating the requirements of CPHQ and CPPS! And its made in India.
Kyle Hoffman
CertQual is the frog-leap group of Indian Healthcare. CQA certification is learning process as much a testing process. It provides the competence and confidence to hack the healthcare system. A top class credential for a quality career.
Jason Myles